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Do you love music?

Do you play or have you ever wanted to play? Right around the corner is a groundbreaking course that's 30 years in the making from my experience as a professional session player, film composer, touring musician, and music producer. 

My first full course under the Pro Piano Series banner is CORE ESSENTIALS Levels 1-3.  In five to six months you can be equipped with pro level understanding of how music works and be able to play other's music or write your own!

Taught from the studio, grand piano, home setup and even on-the-go, my motivation is to see you equipped to be free to play and LEARN THE LANGUAGE OF MUSIC.

This method allows you to progress so quickly. I hope to see you as my next student!

Learn More!

CORE ESSENTIALS taught from my grand piano.

CORE ESSENTIALS taught from my studio.

CORE ESSENTIALS taught from home keyboard setups.

Mark S

What I have experienced watching my girls learn and grow in their musical ability in piano has been exceptional. Steve’s passion for music is contagious, and his teaching method begins with learning the language of music and how to express themselves before learning how to read sheet music. Similar to how we learn to speak before reading, I have seen dramatic growth in their natural musical intuition and expression that has laid a creative and dynamic foundation

Dana C

These lessons provide not only the skills to play other people’s music, but using the tools taught to express my own heart to be able to create my own music.

My eyes have been open to a world of music that I thought was unattainable!

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  • 4-6 week course (or less)
  • Designed for the beginner
  • Designed for the student taking lessons for years but doesn't know how to CREATE
  • Chord Shapes
  • Suspensions
  • Inversions and CI's (the piano player's weapon)
  • Bass inversions
  • Melody 1.0
  • How to read and play a chord chart
  • Play ANY song with a chord chart in ANY key!

(Coming Soon)

  • 6-8 week course (or less)
  • Pro Chord Colors 1.0 
  • Sharp and Flat Pyramids
  • Numbers 1.0
  • Closest Inversions in ANY position
  • "Travel" 1.0
  • Melody 2.0
  • Chord Blending 1.0
  • Blindfolded 1.0
  • Intro to Notation
  • Play ANY chord chart with pro skillsets and start writing your own songs!

(Coming Soon)

  • 6-8 week course (or less)
  • Pro Chord Colors 2.0
  • "Progression Inversions"
  • "Three Hand Technique"
  • "Travel" 2.0
  • Melody 3.0
  • Chord Blending 2.0
  • Blindfolded 2.0
  • Reading Lead Sheets
  • Anatomy of a Chord Progression
  • Play and hear songs and write your own with pro voice leading and film scoring techniques!

Brian W

We can hear (our daughter) Caitie’s new found confidence as she practices piano each day (without being asked). After her second week of class she said, "I never knew playing chords could be so much fun!" She had been playing keys for worship at her youth group for 5 months before we started lessons with Steve. Each week she would spend hours looking up chords and figuring out how to play each one while practicing with the music. After working with Steve for just a few weeks, he has taught her how to decode the theory behind the music. She’s playing worship music with ease and her worship leader can now ask her to do things in the moment and she can do it easily because she understands the foundation. Not only does Caitie love piano more each day, she is learning faster than she ever has before. We are blessed to have her taught by Mr. Rosen. We are very happy and highly recommend these lessons!

Vivi plays writes her own songs with confidence.

Sam freely improvises having never played before Pro Piano Series.

Eva is 9 and learning college level piano.

Dana now can compose her own music after years of traditional lessons.

Mia can re-harmonize melodies.